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 How to Knit a Scarf

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John Alexander
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PostSubject: How to Knit a Scarf   Sat May 31, 2014 5:58 am

Are you interested in knitting? Learning how to knit a scarf is a perfect beginner's project.
How to Knit a Scarf
In order to knit a scarf, you will need eight ounces of four-ply yarn and No. 10 knitting needles.
To start your scarf, you will need to know how to cast. Make a slip knot around a needle, but don't pull the knot tight. Hold the needle and the yarn in your left hand, leaving the end of the yarn free. Push your right needle through the loop, taking your right needle underneath the left needle.
Now, hold both needles and the both pieces of yarn in your left hand, keeping everything in place. Using your right hand, pick up the piece of yarn that connects with your yarn ball. Then, bring the yarn under and over the right needle, using your index finger. The yarn will end up underneath the left needle.
Next, take your right needle back into your right hand. Using your right needle, create a new loop by pulling the yarn through the slip knot on the left needle. Then, roll the new loop from the right needle onto the left needle to create a new knot. Pull the knot a little tight, but not so that the knot hugs the needle tightly. Repeat for 25 to 35 stitches, depending on how wide you want your scarf to be.
Now you will start to actually knit. Grasp the needle with all of your cast stitches in your left hand. Push your right needle through the last half knot that you made, just like you did before. Take the yarn underneath your left needle and your right needle. Then wrap the yarn over the right needle. It's easiest to do this using your index finger to guide the yarn.
Using your right needle, pull the yarn through the stitch on the left needle. Now, pull the stitch that you just made on the left needle onto the right needle. Repeat until you have knitted all of the stitches on the left needle and moved them to the right needle.
To start another row, switch your right needle to your left hand and begin knitting again. Continue knitting until your scarf is about the right length.
In order to bind the scarf so your masterpiece doesn't unravel, knit two stitches as usual. You now have two stitches on your right needle. Push your left needle through the second stitch on the right needle, going over the top of the right needle. At the same time, pull the right needle away from the left needle to keep the remaining stitch securely on the right side.
Knit another stitch so that you have two stitches on the right needle again. Keep repeating the process until all of your knitting has been bound. Cut the yarn off of your scarf, leaving about four inches. Pull this tail through the last stitch to knot your scarf together.
You now have your own scarf!
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How to Knit a Scarf
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