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 Sew a Quilted Ironing Caddy

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John Alexander
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PostSubject: Sew a Quilted Ironing Caddy   Fri May 30, 2014 6:05 am

An ironing pad caddy is a handy thing for anyone who sews. It will keep your scissors, thread, measuring tape and other tools at your fingertips while you're at the board. They're available for sale at reasonable prices, but how much more fun would it be to make your own? And easy, as well. You could make a caddy of your own design, to suit your individual needs, and for far less money.
Things You'll Need
Quilted Fabric
Coordinating Fabrics (for backing and pockets)
Double Fold Wide Bias Tape
Step 1
Cut the quilted fabric to 11" x 31" and round off the corners. Cut backing fabric to 11" x 31" and also round off the corners. The backing fabric should exactly match the shape of the quilted fabric. Cut three pockets: 10" x 11" (top); 12" x 11" (middle); 14" x 11" (bottom).
Step 2
Fold each pocket in half, right sides together, keeping the 11" width. Sew along the 11" raw edge, using a standard 5/8" seam allowance. Turn right side out, and press the seam flat. Widthwise, fold the top pocket into thirds, middle pocket into fourths, and bottom pocket in half. Press each to make creases for sewing guides.
Step 3
With the seamed side at the bottom, pin the top pocket piece to the quilted fabric, with the bottom seam 9 1/2" from the top of the caddy. Sew the top pocket to the quilted fabric, along the bottom of the pocket piece. Then sew along the marks you pressed into the pocket pieces, making three individual pockets. At this point there will be no seam at the ends of the pocket piece.
Step 4
Similarly attach the other two pockets, also sewing only along the bottom seam. The top of the middle piece should be at 1 1/2" from the bottom of the top pocket, and the bottom one at 2" from the bottom of the middle pocket. The bottom of the bottom piece should be even with the bottom edge of the quilted fabric. You'll want to round the bottom corners of the pocket piece to match. Sew on all the press marks as before, leaving the ends of the pocket piece not sewn. In these rows you'll probably want four pockets for the middle, and two for the bottom, but the number of pockets can vary according to your own needs.
Step 5
Attach the backing fabric to the quilted fabric, right sides out, with a loose zigzag stitch. Sew the bias tape around the entire edge of the caddy. Pin the top of your new caddy to the pad of your ironing board with two or three safety pins.
A decorative stitch can help ensure you catch the edge of the bias tape in the back.
If you want to add embroidery, do it before attaching the pockets to the quilted fabric. But first determine what part of the finished caddy you'll want to decorate, and where the sewing marks of the pockets will be.
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Sew a Quilted Ironing Caddy
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