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 Easy to Crochet Afghan Patterns

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John Alexander
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PostSubject: Easy to Crochet Afghan Patterns   Tue May 27, 2014 6:24 am

Crochet afghan patterns open the door to one of the simplest and most rewarding projects. Afghans let you experiment with a variety of stitches and colors without worrying about sizes and unusual shapes, making them fun for beginning crocheters as well as experts. They're also terrific gifts to make for the holidays or special occasions. Here are two afghan patterns that work up quickly, with plenty of color changes to keep things interesting.
Baby Squares Afghan
This classic-looking baby afghan makes a precious gift, yet is easy enough for a beginner to make. It is made up of easy-to-crochet squares, which are then stitched together.
Worsted weight yarn in the following colors
1 skein white
1 skein pale blue
1 skein pale yellow
1 skein pale green (or the colors of your choice)
Making the Squares
Chain 21. Begin the first row by working a SC in the second chain. Continue working SC. Work 20 rows, and fasten off. You should end up with a square that is approximately 5 inches. Continue making squares, four in each color. When you have completed all sixteen squares, stitch them together using a yarn needle, in the following pattern:
Row One: white, blue, yellow, green
Row Two: blue, yellow, green, white
Row Three: yellow, green, white, blue
Row Four: green, white, blue, yellow
When all the squares are stitched together, work two rows of single crochet around the outside edge of the afghan, using the white yarn, or the color of your choice. Fasten off, and tuck in any loose ends.
Random Stripe Afghan
Random stripes are fresh and modern, yet the neutral color palette keeps this afghan a classic. Because it is worked in bulky yarn with a larger hook, it also works up quickly, making it perfect for gift-giving.
4 skeins each of cream, beige, taupe and tan yarn, in bulky weight
Size K crochet hook
Using the tan yarn, chain 175. To begin the first row, work a double crochet in the second chain. Continue the row in DC. Repeat two more rows of DC with the tan yarn.
Change to the beige yarn, and work 5 rows DC.
Change to the taupe yarn and work 6 rows DC.
Change to the cream yarn and work 3 row DC.
Continue working stripes in DC in the following color pattern:
6 rows beige
4 rows tan
3 rows taupe
2 rows beige
6 rows cream
3 rows tan
5 rows beige
3 rows taupe
6 rows cream
4 rows tan
3 rows taupe
5 rows beige
4 rows cream
6 rows tan
5 rows taupe
3 rows cream
To finish, work a SC row all around the outside edge in taupe. Fasten off, and tuck in the ends.
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Easy to Crochet Afghan Patterns
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