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 Macrame Patterns for Purses

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John Alexander
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PostSubject: Macrame Patterns for Purses   Mon May 26, 2014 12:39 am

If you want to create the perfect homemade handbags, look no further than macrame patterns for purses. Some of the more popular macramé purses are made from hemp and beads for a hip accessory. By collecting a few simple supplies and learning a couple of basic knots, you can attempt to duplicate beautifully crafted macramé purses found in stores and online right in your own home.
Supplies You Will Need:
Cord (hemp, string or yarn work well)
Two long, durable leather shoulder straps
Two small poles that cover the width of the purse (with a knot on each end)
Constructing a Simple Macramé Purse
Cut an even number of cords of equal length, around three or four yards each. With a few extra cords, bind the purse together on each side. Create a lark's head knot around one of the poles with your cord, and repeat with the rest of your cords. Make a square knot with the first four strands of cord. You can do this by taking your four strands and (from left to right) consider the cords A, B, C and D. Cross A over B and C, then under D. Then reverse to cross D over B and C and then finish by crossing A. Tighten the knot. Repeat the entire step once more and then make square knots down to finish the row.
When starting the second row, skip the first two strands. You will have two loose strands on both ends. Again, take your four strands and (from left to right) consider them A, B, C and D. Cross A over B and C, then under D. Then reverse to cross D over B and C and then finish by crossing A. Tighten the knot and repeat the sequence down the rest of the cord. Leave several inches of cord at the bottom of your row.
Take the loose strands at the bottom of the cords and tie them to the second pole with square knots. Next, fold the purse in two, bringing the poles together. Bind the sides with the shorter strands of rope. You can use overhand knots to do this. Finally, tie one of the leather straps to the poles at each end. Repeat the last step to complete your macramé handbag.
Macramé Purse Tips
Making macramé bags can be done in many different ways with many unique patterns. Experiment with different patterns for handbags and follow the instructions designed for each of these patterns. The best thing about these bags is that you can be as creative as you want: crafting a simple macramé purse or creating elaborate pieces of artwork.
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Macrame Patterns for Purses
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