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 How to Make a Crochet Pattern

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John Alexander
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PostSubject: How to Make a Crochet Pattern   Mon May 26, 2014 12:38 am

After learning a new crochet stitch, it is easy to make a crochet pattern from that stitch. Make a pattern for a scarf, rug, doily or anything else by following a few simple steps.
Create a Swatch of the Crochet Stitch
Begin by creating a row of stitches approximately three inches wide. Chain and turn the work according the instructions for that particular crochet stitch and continue making rows until the swatch is three inches high.
Measure the Gauge of the Crochet Stitch
Once the crochet swatch is completed, use it to measure the gauge of the crochet stitches. Lay the swatch right-side-up on a flat surface. Lay a ruler on the swatch and count how many stitches it takes to make one inch, in width, of crochet. Now turn the ruler and measure how many rows it takes to make one inch of crochet height.
Plan the Crochet Pattern
Use what was learned by measuring the gauge to plan how many stitches and how many rows of crochet you will make. For example, to make a rug that is 2 feet wide, you will need to crochet rows that are 24 inches. If the gauge is 3 stitches per inch, then it will take 72 crochet stitches to make a rug pattern that is 2 feet wide. If the rug is to be 3 feet long, and each row of crochet stitches is 3/4 of an inch high, there will need to be 48 rows of crochet to complete the rug pattern (36 inches long / .75 inches per row = 48 rows).
It is easy to make a variety of crochet patterns by creating the swatch of a specific crochet stitch, measuring the gauge, and planning the crochet pattern. The crochet hook, yarn used, and tension used by the person doing the crochet all change the gauge of the finished crochet pattern, so be sure to sue the same yarn and hook that will be used in the crochet pattern when creating the swatch.
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How to Make a Crochet Pattern
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