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 How to Macrame

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John Alexander
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PostSubject: How to Macrame   Sat May 24, 2014 12:41 am

It's not difficult to learn how to macramé with a few helpful tips. Macramé is the art of decorative knotting to create such things as art and jewelry. The word macramé was derived from an Arabic word meaning -fringe.' The origin of the knotting, however, is unclear. Many surmise it began in the thirteenth century when Arabian weavers began to use the edges of additional fabric to create knots. It was later documented being used in Italy and France.
Often times, macramé was used to stitch parts of religious garments and altar clothing. American sailors were also known to use macramé, perfecting hitch and square knots during their long journeys across the sea.
Popular macramé projects include macramé belts, window or wall hangings, macramé plant hangers, bracelets and necklaces. Although anyone can learn the craft of macramé, it may take some time to perfect it.
Basic Macrame Knots
The two basic types of knots used in all of the different variations of design are the half knot and the square knot. To practice these knots, you'll need scissors, macramé cord, a few straight pins to hold your cord in place and something to mount your cord on (a piece of cork board works well, though some people anchor their cord by first tying it around a wooden dowel).
To begin, cut four equal lengths of macramé cord. Then, to tie a half knot:
Mount the four lengths of cord on your corkboard or dowel. Your two inside cords will be known as the "core cords." Remember to keep them in the stationary position as you create your half knot.
Take the outside right cord and place it over the two core cords, then under the outside left cord.
Take the outside left cord and bring it under the two core cords, and pull it through the loop formed by the core cords and outside right cord.
One half knot completed. Repeat this knot to create a length of macramé that forms a spiral.
To tie a square knot:
The square knot builds off of the half knot, so start by crafting a half knot. Then take your outside right cord behind the two core cords and bring it over the outside left cord. Take the outside left cord and place it through the right cord loop after passing over the core cords. Pull the cord through and tighten it gently.
Macrame Crafts Tips
Make sure you have mounted the cords in place before beginning any knot. By doing so, you will prevent the cords from stretching or moving out of place. When choosing a mount, remember to choose something soft enough to hold pins to keep it structured.
Basic Tools and Supplies
Depending on which item you wish to macramé, you can choose different types of cords to work with such as fine thread, leather straps, cotton crochet, embroidery floss, hemp, waxed linen or wire.
You'll also need some sort of mounting object to help keep your project sturdy as you go along. Sticks, handles, curtain rods or some type of soft board can serve this purpose.
Learning how to macramé really comes down to learning how to tie a series of different knots. Once you choose your cord, you need little else in the way of materials besides scissors, rubber bands, straight pins, a tapestry needle or crochet hook to weave in the ends of the cord when you complete your project.
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How to Macrame
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