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 How To Tie Dye Tshirts

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John Alexander
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PostSubject: How To Tie Dye Tshirts   Thu May 22, 2014 12:27 am

The old tried and true method of tie dyeing is about to be changed. There is a new way to create the tie dye look without the mess and headaches of using dye. Forget the rubber band method for dyeing and give this new one a shot.
First, you will want to determine how many shirts you will want to make. Then, you will need to get some wrapping paper tubes or a yard stick can be used as well to fold the shirt around. This step can be done in two ways! The shirt can be wrapped loosely or you can twist it till it gets pretty tight and then wrap it around the tube or stick. After that, you will want to paint the shirt with a selected color. Unwrap the shirt and re rap it again at a different angle. Then you will paint it again and repeat the process until you have included all of your colors. Stretch the shirt out to dry and presto, you have a tie dye shirt without the cost and something that has been personalized by yourself.
The stick method is cheap, easy to use, and creates a beautiful shirt when completed. There is a variety of different paints and textures that you can use. A trip to the local hardware store will provide you with all of the paint you need. Mix up your colors to create bright shirts and remember to hold the shirt tight around the stick or roll. There are always some important things to learn from others experiences. Make sure you wear disposable gloves because they are cheap and will keep the paint off of your skin. A ventilated area is recommended as well to keep the toxic smell of the paint from injuring you. Take your time, have fun, and before you know it you will be a tie dye artist.
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How To Tie Dye Tshirts
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