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 Simple Quilling Techniques

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John Alexander
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PostSubject: Simple Quilling Techniques   Wed May 21, 2014 12:17 am

Once you've mastered the quilling technique, you can begin learning some basic quilling shapes, such as loose coils and teardrops. Knowing these shapes can help you tackle more complicated patterns.
Getting Started
You can find paper quilling supplies online or at your local craft store. The paper comes in a variety of colors and in several different widths. The paper strips are usually bundled in packs of 50 strips, lightly bonded at both ends. Remove a single strip by simply pulling gently, and then tear both ends off, so the bonding is removed.
Loose Coils
The basic coil is a tightly wound coil you hold in place for a minute so it holds its shape after releasing. When your pattern requires a loose coil, simply release the coil right away after rolling it so it unwinds into a looser coil. Then you simply apply a touch of glue to the loose end of the coil, and glue it down. If your loose coil doesn't unwind into a loose shape, you need to work a little faster when winding it with your quilling tool so it doesn't retain the tighter shape.
You can pinch one end of your loose coil to make a teardrop shape, which often used for eyes in a pattern. Just pinch one side of the loose coil, and make a crease. Don't worry, you won't ruin the coil. Pinch the outer one or two layers of paper, and you'll have a nice teardrop shape. Loose coils can also be pinched into squares, triangles, hexagons, duck feet and other shapes with a little practice.
Eccentric Loose Coil
An eccentric loose coil is easiest to make if you use a cork board or a circle template. Again, start with a loose coil. Using a toothpick or a pin, compress all the rounds of the paper to one side of the coil. Then apply glue all along the top of the coil, right where all the rounds meet. Hold it for 10 seconds or so for the glue to adhere.
When you have mastered these shapes, you can start to experiment and make your own creative quilling pieces.
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Simple Quilling Techniques
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