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 Quilting Designs

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John Alexander
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PostSubject: Quilting Designs   Wed May 21, 2014 12:16 am

You know that there are hundreds of quilting designs available to you whether you make handmade quilts, use a sewing machine to create your quilts or use a combination of both hands and machine. Reviewing some classic quilt layouts may give you some new inspiration.
Patchwork Designs
A patchwork quilt is a name that covers many types of quilts. Originally, patchwork quilts were made using cloth remnants from other projects. While many people still use remnants today, others use vintage materials, new cloth or cloth pieces from a combination of different sources. Traditional patchwork designs often use blocks of patched fabrics as the base for building quilts.
Amish Quilt
When the Amish started to make quilts, their philosophy of simplicity influenced their quilting designs. Like any other craft that is done over a period of time, the Amish quilt has evolved. Still, Amish quilt patterns of today have an understated, elegant look that reflect back on the simplicity of early Amish quilts.
Hawaiian Quilt
The Hawaiian quilt evolved using appliqués based on snowflake designs that were introduced to the Hawaiians by American missionaries in the 1820s, traditional Hawaiian designs and the nature of the Hawaiian Islands. The designs are highlighted by fine needlework that wave out from their designs. Traditional Hawaiian quilts typically only use two colors, one for the backing and one for the appliqué.
The Irish Chain Quilt
There are several kinds of Irish chain quilts: the single, the double and the triple. Each is progressively more complex. The single Irish chain quilt is characterized by two fabric colors, typically one dark and one light. This quilt alternates a light block of fabric with a block of fabric of the same size that consists of nine squares of alternating light and dark squares. The square in the center of this patched block is always the dark color.
The double Irish chain quilt uses three colors, a dark, a medium and a light while the triple Irish chain quilt uses one light color, two medium colors and one dark color. The design becomes more complicated as more color accents are added to the simple light block and the number of colors increases in the alternating square block.
Attic Window Quilt
An attic window quilt is designed to give the quilt a three dimensional appearance through the use of colors. It almost seems as if you are looking through a window at an object. Quilters often use novelty designed fabrics inside of the windows for interesting viewing.
Pinwheel Quilt
Whether you choose a simple or complex design, a pinwheel quilt offers a sense of circular motion. At its simplest, a pinwheel design can resemble a simplified image taken from a kaleidoscope. At its more intricate, a complex pinwheel image can be repeated over and over again on the quilt.
Log Cabin Quilt
A log cabin quilt, like many other types of quilts, is built using blocks. At its simplest, a block will have a square at the center, which represents the hearth of a home. The square will be surrounded by logs, or strips of fabric to build the block.
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Quilting Designs
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