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 How to Make Crochet Flowers

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PostSubject: How to Make Crochet Flowers   Mon May 19, 2014 4:43 am

Crochet flowers are an excellent way to dress up an afghan, a sweater, a pair of booties or a hat and scarf set. When making crochet flowers, you can use two colors, one for the center of the flower and one for the petals, or you can create the flower, including the petals, all in one color and then add a different colored yarn pompom, or a button of your choice, as the flower's center.
An easy way to attach crochet flowers to an item is to place a large button over the center of the flower and then simply sew the button on. Make sure the button is large enough that the needle will pass through the yarn of the flower, not the hole in the center of the flower, as you sew the button in place.
Instructions for Crochet Flowers
To create a forget-me-not, you will want to use pink, white or blue for the flower and a yellow button or yellow pompom for the center of the flower. Forget-me-nots have five petals.
Start with any size hook you prefer, but remember that the larger the hook, the larger the flower. You can also use any weight yarn you prefer.
Round 1: chain 5, join into a ring with a slip stitch in the first chain.
Round 2: chain 3 (this is the first double crochet), work 9 double crochets into the ring. Join at the top of the chain with a slip stitch. (You will have 10 stitches when the round is complete.)
Round 3: chain 2 and work 3 double crochets in the next stitch, then chain 2 and slip stitch into the next stitch. Repeat 5 times.
Another simple five-petal crocheted flower can be created with only two rounds.
Round 1: chain 2 (this counts as the first double crochet). Work 15 double crochets into the ring and then slip stitch it to the first or the beginning chain.
Round 2: chain 4, skip 2 double crochets and then slip stitch into the next double crochet. Repeat this process 4 times, ending with the last stitch in the base of the first or beginning chain.
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How to Make Crochet Flowers
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