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 Essential Tatting Supplies

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John Alexander
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PostSubject: Essential Tatting Supplies   Mon May 19, 2014 4:40 am

Tatting supplies are fairly easy to obtain and inexpensive, making tatting, which is a lace-making technique, a wonderful and rewarding hobby. There are two basic methods of tatting, needle tatting and shuttle tatting. For either, you will need certain items to get started on projects.
Tatting with a shuttle is the most common way to tat. A shuttle is an oblong, eye-shaped holder that may have a bobbin attached for holding thread. Alternately, the thread is wrapped around the shuttle when you start. The forming of the knots is done right on the carrier thread as you weave the shuttle through and around the thread loops, setting the stitches in place. The size of shuttle you choose relates to the thickness of the tatting thread you will use. Shuttles are inexpensive, generally, and fairly uniform in function, design and shape. The experienced tatter may wish to spring for a fancy shuttle, just for fun, but shuttles don't have to be expensive to work effectively.
If you wish to learn needle tatting, you need a tatting needle. This is a blunt-tipped needle with an eye at the other end. While generally about six inches long, they vary in thickness depending on the thickness of the tatting thread you want to use. Always pay attention to the needle width, and choose according to the one intended for use with the gauge of tatting thread you will use.
Tatting Thread
Thread for tatting needs a tight weave, and it should not be polyester, as it may tangle easily and snag. Beginners should start with a cotton size 5 or size 10 thread to see the tatting stitches well. Variegated colors can provide fun, beautiful results. The higher the number, the finer the thread. Consider the size and strength of what you are trying to create when choosing the weight and thickness. Avoid knobby or fuzzy threads because tatting should look uniform and smooth.
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Essential Tatting Supplies
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