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 Introduction to Bead Knitting

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John Alexander
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PostSubject: Introduction to Bead Knitting   Fri May 09, 2014 12:47 am

Have you tried bead knitting? Beads can add another level of texture as well as adding to the overall beauty of your knitting project.
Types of Bead Knitting
There are ways to approach knitting with beads. For example, you can place the beads between the knitted stitches. Alternatively, you can knit the beads onto the stitch.
Knitting beads between the stitch is faster and easier than the other method. "Between-the-stitch" knitters usually only work with one color, although there are no rules to prevent you from using additional colors. In addition, the number of stitches in this form of bead knitting is usually limited to a basic stitch, a decreasing stitch and an increasing stitch.
If you choose to be an "on-the-stitch" knitter, you can create complex designs and pictures using beads. Therefore, you should probably have a pattern to follow before you start your project. Unlike "between-the-stitch" knitting where mistakes might be more tolerated, a mistake make when knitting beads on a stitch might ruin the whole project. When you finish your piece, one side will consist of beads and the reverse side will be knitting, where beads and knitting show on both sides if you choose the other method of bead knitting.
The Beads in Bead Knitting
Like yarn, beads come in different sizes. The smaller the bead, the larger the numeric size will be. For example, seed beads, the most commonly type of bead used bead in knitting, comes in sizes such as 3, 6, 8 and 10. In this case, a size 10 seed bead would be smaller than a size 3 bead. In addition, beads are also sold in millimeter, or mm, sizes.
The problem is in the size of the holes in the beads, which are not necessarily reflected the size of the beads themselves. Therefore, bring your chosen yarn with you and try some samples before you purchase any unfamiliar beads.
In addition, the way that beads are packaged for sale varies. You will find beads sold in bags and bottles. Some are sold by the hank, or by the string. You can also purchase beads by weight. Before you buy, have an idea of how many beads you will need to complete your project and make your purchasing decisions accordingly.
Once you try bead knitting, you might find yourself hooked.
Happy knitting!
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Introduction to Bead Knitting
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