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 Basic Needlepoint Instruction

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John Alexander
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PostSubject: Basic Needlepoint Instruction   Thu May 08, 2014 12:39 am

Knowing the basics of the supplies that you will need is an important part of needlepoint instruction.
Needlepoint Canvases
Needlepoint canvases are the "skeleton" of a needlepoint project. Made of materials such as cotton, silk or nylon, canvases are defined by their warp, or vertical threads, and their weft, or horizontal threads. Weft is also called woof.
There are three basic types of canvas: mono, Penelope and interlock. A mono canvas has one warp and one weft strand running over and under each other to form grids. The Penelope has interwoven double warp and weft threads and is strong enough to make needlepoint rugs. The interlock canvas uses interwoven single warp and double weft strands in its construction. The size of a canvas is dictated by the number of meshes, or grid intersections, per inch.
Tapestry needles are usually used in needlepoint. Sizes run from 13 to 28. The canvas mesh determines the size of the needle used. For example, you will need a 13 needle to use on 3 to 5 mesh needlepoint canvases and a 26 or 28 needle to use on 26 to 28 mesh canvases.
Threads fall into two overall categories: natural or man-made. Natural fibers include cotton, silk and angora. Man-made fibers include rayon and nylon. You can also choose from blended threads such as silk and wool or cotton and rayon.
When choosing threads for your project, consider what you are making. For example, if you are making needlepoint pillows, you should use durable threads such as cotton or wool.
You will also need a needlepoint pattern and instructions for your project.
Scroll Frame
Finally, you will need stretcher bars or a scroll frame for your canvas. Stretcher bars and scroll frames will keep your canvas taut, making it easier to stitch and also keeping the canvas from distorting when you are stitching.
Needlepoint Sampler Kits
If you would like to build your self-confidence and take all of the guessing out of the picture, buy a needlepoint sampler kit. The kit will have everything that you need to make a pillow top or a wall picture, including the appropriate thread, needles and canvas.
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Basic Needlepoint Instruction
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