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 How To Make String Art Ornaments

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John Alexander
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PostSubject: How To Make String Art Ornaments   Wed May 07, 2014 1:36 am

To express delicate beauty, make string art ornaments to adorn a window, car mirror or key chain. These string crafts are so simple to create that children can produce several in a row. With a minimum investment in supplies, you can make string art ornaments for all kinds of occasions.
Supplies Needed
Pick up the following basic supplies from any craft store: craft sticks (skill sticks), embroidery floss, plastic beads, clear craft glue and 24-inch fishing line. You can also use a preformed plastic diamond available at craft stores for a variety of projects.
Make The Ornament
With 4 craft sticks, create a diamond shape, and glue the corners with the craft glue. When the frame is dry, Separate the embroidery floss into strands; take out one strand to do the project. Tie the string to the top of the diamond. Wrap the string abound the sticks, moving from one end, directly opposite to the other end. On the upswing, move the thread slightly to one side of the first loop. Continue this way until the design is finished to your liking. Knot the end, and clip any excess. Dab some clear craft glue along the edges to secure the string. You can layer on a second color of your choice.
Tie a piece of clear fishing line to the top of the diamond. Make a small knot where you want the dangle to hang. String the beads and create a closing knot at the end with enough tail on the tread to tie it to the last bead. The beads should dangle in the center of a string art piece. You can get more creative and use two dangling beaded strings if you choose. It's also possible to leave off the beadwork and let the string art stand on its own as a lovely accessory.
Make It An Ornament
Use simple ornament hangers to hook the top of the ornament to whatever you choose. Use more clear fishing wire to attach the string art ornament to a suction cup hanger for a window. Use more embroidery thread on the string crafts to create a hanging loop on the ornament. You can even use magnetic refrigerator hangers to hold a variety of string crafts, if you'd like.
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How To Make String Art Ornaments
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