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 Learn to Sew a Table Runner

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John Alexander
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PostSubject: Learn to Sew a Table Runner   Thu May 01, 2014 12:18 am

The perfect way to dress up a table is to sew a table runner. Table covers or runners can be elaborate or simple, glitzy or serious. Since the table runner will be created to match your moods, why not make several different kinds so you can change the runner as easily as you change your mood?
Sewing machines work well when sewing an elaborate table runner, but you can just as easily use a piece of felt cut to the right size that requires no stitching at all.
Felt Snowflake Runner Design
You Will Need:
Exact-o knife
Thick cardboard
To make a felt runner that will require little or no sewing, use thick light blue or white felt. Make a huge snowflake that is about 12 by 12 inches and then repeat the pattern so that it moves all the way across the table.
Once you have created the pattern, move to the floor of the garage or some other such work area. Place the cardboard down first and secure it. Then place the felt on top of the cardboard and secure it to the cardboard. Finally, place the pattern on top of the felt and secure it to the felt. Use the Exact-o knife to cut the design out, being careful when making sharp edges.
How to Sew a Table Runner
You Will Need:
Sewing machine
2 or 4 tassels
Measure the table and decide how long you'd like the runner to be. For a behind-the-couch table, wide runners are always a good idea. As long as you put some type of rubber grip on the back side, the runner will be a good stabilizer for photos and lamps.
It makes it much harder for the cat to pull down a runner if you lay a piece of rubber grip on the table and then add glue a bit of the same to the back of the runner. Also, if you have a cat, you may not want the runner or tassel to hang below the edge of the table. Cats can't resist that kind of temptation.
Make the pattern and cut two identical pieces. (If you plan on tapering the ends to a point, so that you can add a tassel, make sure you do so at this point.) Lay the pieces on top of each other and pin all but one side. Leave this side open so that you can turn the running right side out when you're done sewing it.
Sew the two pieces together, turn and iron flat. Pin the last side and iron the whole runner. At this point you can use an invisible stitch to close sew the end together or you can run a sewing machine stitch all around the entire runner for a more dramatic look.
If making a point at each end, attach the tassels at each point. If going with a long rectangle you may want to attach tassels at all four corners or not at all.
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Learn to Sew a Table Runner
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