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 Swap Rules

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PostSubject: Swap Rules   Wed Aug 06, 2008 12:15 pm

Here are some rules more may come

Its all up to the partners what they give to each other and its not any guarantee what or how much you will get.

Please list things like hobbies or things you like or don't like ect in the Swap buddy Information post
That way your partner will know somethings about you :)

ok now for the Rules")

1. If you would like to signup for a swap please send me a PM so that I know you want to sign up .
I don't always go back and check to see on the post .

2. If for any reason you want to drop out of a swap you have to send me a PM letting me know you want to drop out or cant do a swap .

3. When sending out your package you have to get a Delivery Confirmation and send me the numbers.

4. If you think you are going to be late sending please email or PM me so that I can let your partner know .

5. I am not going to set a price on any swap due to there maybe someone out there that can spend but $5 or $10 but wants to join in on the fun .

6. I dont know if we can call this a rule or not but if you have allergies please list

7. When you receive you package you have to post pics .If you cant post them let me know and I will help all I can .

If anyone can think of anything more to go in here please let me know .

I hate to have to do this but you never know so.

If you do not complete a swap you will not be allowed to take part in future swaps on this board.

Margie AKA froggie31

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Swap Rules
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